hugo! ONE

Your ONE. For all.

Discover the sophisticated, minimalist design that transforms any room into an inspiring energy center.

hugo! ONE Icon Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic design

unique and awarded

hugo! ONE Icon Redefined Power

Redefined Power

high-end technology

hugo! ONE Icon Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

housing consists of at least 20% recycled material

Your ONE. For all.

High-end technology that not only functions outstandingly, but also inspires in all facets.

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hugo! ONE Umgebung Wohnzimmer

Wireless Charger Pad 10W

2x USB C Power Delivery 20W

2x 230V earthed sockets with increased touch protection

2m cable in matted black

Illuminated touch switch and anti-slip rubber on the bottom

hugo! ONE ist German Design Award Winner 2024

German Design Award

Winner 2024

The German Design Award is presented by an international jury for design achievements from various industries.

The hugo! ONE is German Design Award Winner 2024.

hugo! ONE @OMR24

Known from the OMR24 - hugo! ONE Charging Lounge by brennenstuhl®

hugo! by brennenstuhl® is made for those who enjoy life and value style and quality. The minimalist hugo! design blends seamlessly into any room.

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You focus on the essentials, we concentrate on the details.

hugo! by brennenstuhl® is your statement for style and functionality that inspires from all sides - with high-end technology from brennenstuhl®.

The housing of the hugo! ONE consists of at least 20% recycled material.

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hugo! by brennenstuhl®

Der hugo! ONE Steckdosenwürfel von hugo! by brennenstuhl® kombiniert die mehr als vier Jahrzente an Erfahrung, welche die Firma brennenstuhl® für die Qualität und Sicherheit der Steckdosenleisten einbringt, mit minimalistischem, modernen Design.

Mit hugo! by brennenstuhl® setzen wir den Anspruch unseres Firmengründers Hugo Brennenstuhl fort, das Bestehende immer wieder neu zu denken und dabei keine Kompromisse bei Qualität und Sicherheit einzugehen.

If you know. You know.

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